OnEarth Modular

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Is the trademark that embodies an industrial enterprise that designs and produces prefabricated modular constructions, suitable to any functional need, made to have high energy efficiency performances and constructed with environmentally certified material.

Is presented to the global market aiming to offer more than just building solutions

Is a project that is distinguished by the aesthetic and architectonic value of its models, by the rationalized but flexible design, by being innovative in the construction process, guaranteeing prices and deliveries on schedule

Delivers a service based on the concept of quality with affordable prices, quality linked to durability, quality enhanced by beauty, quality associated with eco-friendly structures.

Rationalization of the industrial and building processes in order to achieve significant reduction in energy consumption, and generate less construction waste;

Architectural design, building systems, type and quality of the construction materials and components defined in order to attain energetic class A or A+;

Landscape or urban integration with high environmental impact awareness;

Is above all, the image and the commitment of each team member, that work in each project, challenged to unveil the best aesthetic, technical and financial solution, to produce multipurpose units that meet the needs and demands of single or multi-family residential housing, tourist resorts, offices, commercial and institutional facilities.


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